Gyula, 2015.04.18-19

Gyula_agility_3_2015 Jumping_0_Gyula_2015 Jumping_1_Gyula_2015 Open_jumping_2015_Gyula Paragility_A_Gyula_2015

SASOK I- Bergerac Agility Hungary Cup 05.05.2014

08-09.11.2014 Czech Republic


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Agility race 13.09.2014 Szada

Jumping 3.

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Agility race: SASOK II. Cup, Pilisszentiván, 28.06.2014

Courses Agility Blues Parcours Agility Blues Parcours Agility Blues Parcours Agility Blues Parcours Agility Blues Parcours Agility Blues Parcours


Agility race: BERGERAC AGILITY HUNGARY (SASOK I. Cup) Pilisszentiván, 05.05.2014Agility Blues Parcours Agility Blues Parcours Agility Blues Parcours Agility Blues Parcours

Tordas 12.04.2014.

Agility Blues Parcours Agility Blues Parcours Agility Blues Parcours Agility Blues Parcours Agility Blues Parcours   Agility 3 clear run

Agility Blues Parcours

At 30.03.2013, Tárnok, Terreur-Masquée Jótékonysági Agility race (judge: Ildikó Halász ) the first place at Agility 3 level was Silver-Rony Bergerac de Hu with Teréz Sirkó Rony A3  (Miel, A3)   A1 run Rony A3

Curriculum Vitea

Curriculum Vitae


I have been working with dogs, since I was 6. I had a Hungarian Puli as a first dog, for 15 years. My next dog was a Cocker Spaniel (I had three of them, after all), had two Hungarian Vizslas, and in 1989, I had got my first Belgian Shepherd, a working Tervueren female. She established my breed line, and after all, mad me known by the other breeders. I was totally taken by this breed, so from then on, I always had a Tervueren. For the next 20 years I was breeding and working with Belgians a lot, and I had Groenendaels and once a Malionois, too. In 1997 I decided to get a Schipperke, after my small breed, the Spaniel, left me. This other Belgian breed also has stolen my heart, forever!


With my first dogs I have been working in dog-schools, the only thing, what was available then, the IPO. Even my poor Spaniel made a working exam. When I met agility, first time in Austria at a dog show, I knew immediately, that I want to do this. So, I made the first obstacles by my own hand, and started to train the others, as this was the only possibility to get room to practice in a dog school. The first place, where this started, was at the “Népszigeti Kutyaiskola” in Budapest, where  I have made the IPO exams with 7 of my Belgian Sheepdogs (Astoria, Luca, Faust, Amper, Bijou, Afra, Quartz). After teaching the others, I started to race quite early. My first agility dogs were: Astoria (Tevueren female) and Alex (my male Spaniel): one Mini and a Maxi. By that time, there were no Medium categories. In 1998, I have made my own agility garden, and started to train with the Bergerac Agility Hungary team. I am training only with limited students, and we are realy friends, who train together. We had a lot of success, but we spend great time together! Two of my old students are now living from agility. Time changes!


Since those pioneer times, lot of things has changed in agility. There were obstacles by that time, of what the new agility generation hasn’t even heard of! The breeds have also changed, but I still stick to my favorite Belgians. I have bred a lot of beautiful dogs, had a lot of show title (World Winners, European Winners, Best in Shows, etc.), but I am very proud, that all of them managed to get the highest degree at the agility exams. I have raced with 22 dogs, till now. I have been member of the Hungarian Agility Team at the world championships for 5 times, at the FCI, and nearly all the time at the Belgian Championship at the FMBB. I have achieved a lot of titles with my best dog, Bergerac Bijou, but had a lot of success also with the others. Bijou was 3rd at the EO in Luxemburg, and had many winning titles in team, too. She was 3 times at the World Championship, was 2nd in team at the FMBB at Székesfehérvár, and was 2 times Hungarian Champion. She knew, even before I could tell her, what I will want from her. Her grandchild, “Miel” Cuba-Libre Bergerac de Hu has also got the same abilities; luckily, her owner is quicker than I ever was. I am also proud of Barka, she also have been Hungarian Champion, but all my other dogs have made their best, and love to play agility with me, or with anybody else. I am also proud of my students, they try to make their best!


In 2011, we had the opportunity to learn to be a FCI agility judge. Now I hope that I can make courses with all my knowledge and experience, what I have collected all these years, with training and racing.  I have already got lots of friends all over the world, due to breeding and racing, I speak English, French and a little German, too. If there is a language, which I don’t speak,  the dogs would  still understand the signes, you give them, in the language of Agility, all over the world!


19-20.04.2014 Gyula, agility race for 180 pairs, and also for handicaped handlers. The carpet is slipery, so the courses are easier. Agility Blues Parcours Agility Blues Parcours Agility Blues Parcours Agility Blues Parcours Agility Blues Parcours Agility Blues Parcours


 12-13 Oktober 2013, Prague


Agility Blues Parcours Agility Blues Parcours Agility Blues Parcours Agility Blues Parcours Agility Blues Parcours Agility Blues Parcours

31.08.213 Csomád, Vereskupa

Agility Blues Parcours  Agility 3 with Rony

Agility Blues Parcours  easy agility

Agility Blues Parcours  Agility 1

Agility Blues Parcours


2013_08_31 2013_08_31_agility_kezdo



15.06.2013 IMCA Selection



09.06.2013 Bergerac Macleod Kup, Solymár




30.03.2013. Tárnok, Terreur-Masquée Jótékonysági agility verseny,  race for Belgian Shepherds




12.01.2013 Tordas Agility Race:

Beginner’s courses:




04.08.2012 Kisnémedi Agility Race:







My agility DVD of my method of agilty, “THE POSITIVE HANDLING” can be ordered from me. The price is 40 EUR, plus the posting costs.

Agility results:


Again Hungarian Team Champion Large are again the Bergerac Agility Team (without me, this time, as I was judging in Czech Republic), and Large Individual Hungarian Champion (again) Timea Lengyel with Miel Bergerac de Hu (TERVUEREN!!!).

We have all won a lot of races, but I have no time to write them all!!!



At the Republic race of Hungary 2013 (actually it was in February 2014) the Hungarian Team (it could be mixed size) has WON again (Miel, Caprice, Rony, Cherity). Miel was second again in individual. Rony has won the veteran category. We are prepairing for the FMBB Championship in Finnland: Miel, Cherity, Barka and Easy will be Hungarian Team!


Troly became A3 with Ildikó Halász, he has won his last race in A2, and Jolie has won A3, so did Cherity and all the others (maybe Easy not). Too many races, lots of medals, and I have no time to write them all: but all of our dogs has won some races last year. You can see them at the agility videos.

At the Hungarian Agility Championship in 2013, we made it again, as we did it for so long time before: the  Bergerac Large Team 1 (with Miel, Caprice, Barka and Rony) has won the Hungarian Team Champion race, the Bergerac Large Team 2 was the second (Cherry, Easy, Jana and Veronika Herendy  with her dog), the Bergerac Mini-Midi team was second ( Jolie, Troly, Bizi and Veronika Herendy  with her other dog). ALL OF OUR DOGS ENTERED was first, or second place. In individual race Miel with Timea Lengyel was second place!DSC01701Team_mini_2

The Bergerac de Hu result was also a big Hungarian result, too: in 2013 FMBB World Championship 3 of our dogs became at the agility world championship second:  team silver medal! The fourth dog was a malinois. Miel, Caprice, Barka and Phoebe (the malionois). Cherry was only individual runner, and Easy and Rony were the reserve dogs. Miel was at the finale with Caprice, Miel’s agility finale run was good for the 5th place!



The selection for the world Belgian Agility championship 2013 (from the Bergerac Team):

In the Hungarian Team: there are three memebers from our club: “Miel” Cuba-Libre Bergerac de HU with Timea Lengyel, Caprice Bergerac de Hu with Gábor Csermely, Barka Bergerac de Hu with Ildikó Halász. In individual also was selected “Cherity” Infinity Bergerac de Hu with Teréz Sírkó, and the reserve dog is “Easy Ilcsi Bergerac de Hu.

From these five dogs, four is doughter of Lucky Bergerac de Hu (doughter of Bijou Bergerac de Hu), but she will stay at home, as she is 11 years old now. We all thank to her our dogs.

The last selection for the world championship 2012:

“Miel” Cuba-Libre Beregrac de Hu was the only Tervueren in the FCI World Agility Championship (one clear run and a dis. was the result). We are very proud of her!

The last selection for the world championship 2007:

Bijou has won again, so Bijou and Flört were selected for team and for individual runs, too. I accepted the team, but with Flört I stepped back from the individual. Bergerac Gory, the schipperke was also selected in both categories.So three Bergerac dogs will be in Norway.


IABC kup 2007 (in 2008, 6th of June it will be in Hungary, Szolnok, arranged by me and my friends)


Viene Austria

results: Best Nation HUNGARY (Bijou, Flört, Rony Bergerac de Hu, and the others)
A3 winner: Bergerac Bijuo,
Best team: Bijou and Flört with me, Tea with Kriszta Kabai and Pimpa with Csilla.
Winner of the Finale Agility run: Bijou, Flört was 5th,
Tessa did her best, but made faults.

Krisztina Kabai and Chili: 3rd in open jumping at the European Open in Italy,28.07.2007.


17.02.2007. Köztársaság Kupa, ( Republique Cup of Hungary) Mezőkövesd
I hade fallen again with my bad leg, and had flue, too, so I couldn’t run, only walk. Nevian was also ill, so out team was not at all in good shape, but the results were good, and you can see some runs on the homepage at the videos.
Bijou won the open jumping with me,(disqualified at the agility because I couldn’t run), Flört was third at the open agility with Timea, and was 2nd at the Cup, our Bergerac team was third: Flört, Chester, Bijou and April.
We are proud of our Schipperkes: Hugh Bergerac de Hu with Lilian Csehó were second in the Cup, and were the Mini Junior Of Republique, Gori Bergerac de Hu has won the Mini Champion of Republique with Ágnes Tóth. I like this!!!


XIII. National Championship of Hungary at Budapest
Last month I became the leader of the Hungarian Agility Sport Organization in the Hungarian Kennel Club, so this was the first race we organized.
The results of the Bergerac team:
large: Hungarian Agility Champion of 2006 Bergerac Flört with Lengyel Timi
Second place Bergerac Fax with Eifert Anna.
jumping winner: Bergerac Astoria “Dorka” with Lengyel Timi
agility first place: Bergerac Bijou with Halász Ildikó
agility second place: Bergerac Fax “Chester” with Eifert Anna
agility third place: Bergerac Flört with Lengyel Timi
schipperkes: Third place: Bergerac April with Váradi Péter
Congratulations to all, and I hope, that Timi is starting to collect the cups, as we have. If you go to the link of Eifert Anna, you can see the video of Chester and Nevian from this race.


17.12.2006. Siófok:
A friendly, unofficiel race of agility: Large winner: Lucky Bergerac.


Agility race in Bratislava, 9-10.12.2006. (you can see video on Eifert Anna’s homepage)
Bergerac Bijou has won the Saturday Open, she was first in the Agility A3 races, She won the CACAG, she was third in the Sunday open race, she was the best Jumper (two jumping of the both days) and she won the Grand Prix ( 4 open races togeather). Bergerac Lucky was 4th at the Grand Prix. Bergerac Fax Chester was second of the Saturday open race with Anna. The Schipperkes were in love, so they were not very succesful. Bijou gave the best form of her life, in the 6 runs she had one zone missing only, end exelant time.


Agility race 03.12.2006 Dogfit Kupa
Bergerac Bijou was second in jumping with an exelant time, but Bergerac Lucky was the first in A3, and Bijou was only third (one zone missing), with best time. The other Bergerac half was racing in Austria.
Philip was third in veteran class!!! It was fantastic!

Vax Bergerac de Hu, Bergerac Bijou, Amper Oridix, Bergerac Lucky, Sylver-Roni Bergerac de Hu, Zulu Bergerac de Hu
Oktober 2006 at the agility cup of Top Mancs (the Bergerac Tervueren agility family)


In Basel, at the FCI World Championship, two dogs were there from the Bergerac Agilty team, Bijou and Nevi. In individual race, Nevian Macleod S’Tip as “Nevian”, the border collie, with Anna Eifert was second. She is only 2,5 years old, so we are all very happy.


1-3.09.2006 At the IMCA agility race in Holland, Gory Bergerac de Hu was individual 3rd place in small category with Ágnes Tóth, in paraagility Philip won again with Richard Mányik.
29-28.07.2006. At EUROPEAN OPEN AGILITY in Luxemburg in the finale Bergerac Bijou was individual 3rd place,
in agility team our team was 3rd place: Bergerac Bijou, Bergerac Flört, Bergerac Fax Chester and Nevian.


19-20.08.2006. At the Slovakian Championship Bratislava . Our team was FIRST PLACE: Bijou, Flört, Fax-Chester. Chester was 3rd in agility.
26.08.2006. At the National in France at Montlucon.
at the Grand Prix Bijou was 3rd, at the Championat, Bijou was 4th (among 114 belgians),
April was in 3eme degree 2nd, Grand Prix 3rd, Championat 4th (among 22 schipperke).


22.07.2006. At the Junior European Agility Championship
in team Péter Váradi run with Bergerac April and Rupi d’Aguila Meldensis with Gory Bergerac de Hu with Tóth Ágnes and Tamás Tráj with Bizsu. The three Schipperkes were great in team, and won the agility!
In Individual, April was 4th, and in agility, Gory was second.


The VII. Bergerac Cup 08.07.2006.
The best Bergerac agility dog was Bijou again.




Sintava Grand Prix Cup in Slovakia: 19-21 May 2006.
Bergerac kennel has won a lot of prices from the 10 races, Amper was Grand Prix winner, the best Jumper, etc. Bijou A3 winner one day, won two agility races, Flört won A3 agility run, Chester won open Jumping, Rupi the best Junior handler with Peter, etc. The race was very good, thanks for the organizers and the great judges, everything was super!


World Agility Competition for Belgians, Székesfehérvár (04.05.2006)

Our team was SECOND!!! Members: Bergerac Fax, Bergerac Flört, Bergerac Bijou
and Plezsi.
In the finale two bergerac dogs were present: Bergerac Fax with Anna Eifert,
who became the 4th in Jumping, and Bergerac Asztória “Dorka” with Lengyel
We are all proud!!!
2006 Team World Champion second place: Hungary: Bergerac Bijou and Bergerac Flört with Halász Ildikó, Bergerac Fax with Eifert Anna, Plezsi with Balla Katalin.


Medivid Kupa, Gyula, 15.04.2006 Open agility race:

Larg: 1.Bergerac Bijou, 3. Bergerac Flört, 4. Bergerac Fax
Mini: 1. Bergerac Gory with Tóth Ágnes
Team: Larg: 1. Bergerac 1 (Bijou, Fax, Flört, Lucky), 2. Bergerac 2 (Amper, Nevian, Néro)
Mini team: 1. Bergerac Mini (April, Rupi, Bergerac Gory, Snoopy)

We are wery proud of Gory (schipperke) and his owner, he was racing on carpet for the first time, and won both agility and jumping, like Bijou.

Individual racers in wheelchair: 1. Bergerac Philip (Mányik Richard), 2. Bergerac Pepin (Magyary Ágnes)


Bergerac Bijou winning the Grand Prix in Bratislava 2005:


The photos of the Hungarian FCI Championship 2005, the results are on The team results: Mini Bergeracs: Rupi, Oko April were First and Hungarian Mini Team Chasmpions, Maxi Bergeracs: Flört, Amper, Bijou the First and Hungarian Team Champions for the second time, Fax, Norah, Nevian (a border collie) was second. Fax (Chester) was individual Second, Flört was individual Third, (Chester won the agility race), Bijou only sixs (pregnant and fat), and my son with Rupi, HUNGARIAN MINI CHAMPION OF “2005” !! Every one of my dogs were doing their best, and I am proud of my team!


The Hungarien Large Team was at the Agility World Championship 2005, Vallaloid :

Bergerac Bijou, Bergerac Flört and Frakk, the kelpie. We were the 8th team from the 28 teams from all over the world..


Bijou running where she should, and I am cuting off the corners, with my bad leg.


The 5th Bergerac Agility Open Race, in 2nd and 3rd level, will be held
18-19. June 2005. The competitors will be limited in 60. You are welcome!

The judge will be Antony Grygar from Checz Republik, the race will be held on Saturday. Mr. Grygar will keep a one-day seminare on Sunday at the “Állatsziget” dog school in Budapest.


The 4th Bergerac Agility Open Race was held on the 24th of April in 2004, there were 60 competitors, we had some extra, special, very hard competitions, too. The winner in Small category was Bergerac April, in larg category, Bergerac Faust. The judge was “Bise” , and we thank him very mutch.


2004 Hungarian Championship in Agility was on the 20th of November, and we had an exeptional success!!
THE CHAMPION OF ’04 is Bergerac Bijou with Mrs.Halász Ildikó again, as last
Bijou got a special price, too, offerd by the President of the Hungarian Kennel Club, for the fastest dog of the race among the three categories(maxi, midi, mini).
The second place was Bergerac Faust, the third place Bergerac Flört, both with Ms Anna Eifert.
Norah became the 6th with Ildikó Halász.
The Champion team of 2004 was the BEGRERAC BELGIANS, with Bijou, Faust and Amper.
I thank for Anna and my son, Péter Váradi and all my dogs for their wonderful character, that they could run such a nice race , even with somobody else. And I thank the owners of Bergerac dogs, who also went to this race, Bergerac Fax, Bergerac Asztoria, Bergerac Chips and Bergerac Philip. Thank you!

30.01.2005 “Köztársaság Kupa 2004″ the Bergerac Team has won again with:
April, Rupi, Flört and Bijou! Péter Váradi has become with Bergerac April the best Junior small couple of 2004. Bergerac Bijou has won the Open Jumping, Amper was the third, and we are proud, that Bergerac Chips was the Second!

Hungarian Team Champion ’04 (with Bergerac Bijou and Bergerac Faust)

2nd Christmas agility competition 2004, Bratislava:
Grand Prix Large (4 races togeather) 2nd place Norah, 3rd place Bijou
LA1 winner of two days: Norah
LA2 winner of two days: Flört, 2nd place Amper
winner of Sunday 2 Open races: Bijou.
winner of Open Jumping Saturday: Chester-Fax
SA3 of two days: Rupi was 2nd.
The handlers were Váradi Péter, Eifert Anna and Halász Ildikó.


21.08.2004. The Bergerac team and Faust at the third place at Bratislava Champion Agility Race.

Our mini team was second in Bratislava, 2004 summer, Oko, April, Rupi, and
the owners, Ildikó and Péter.
Our maxi team, Bijou, Flört and Amper, winning in Bratislava 2004 spring.


28.02.2004. II.KÖztársaság Kupa (REPUBLIK OPEN COMPETITION): BERGERAC BIJOU 1st, AMPER ORIDIX 2nd in larghe category.



Bergerac Bijou – Champion of 2003.




2003 Hungarian National Agility Championship- Bergerac-Schipperkes the 2nd place in team
Rupi, Oko, April.



The agility videos in u-tube, performed by the Beregrac team in 2012:

Jolie Bergerac de Hu



  2nd place 2012.11.11 Trencsény, 2012.11 1st place


2012.01.12 Trencsény, 2012.11 10th place

Barka Bergerac de Hu

agility Nemzeti Bajnokság 2012


Ilcsi „Easy“ Bergerac de Hu


jumping 2012.11.10

Rony Bergerac de Hu



Infinity „Cherry“ Bergerac de Hu



Cuba-Libre „Miel“ Bergerac de Hu

agility 1st place


Caprice Bergerac de Hu



Ibiza Bergerac de Hu





Chiot „Shushu“


jumping: 2012.01.12.

Horváth Pálma Cleo (border collie)



Czinóder Feri  Joy (Pincher)



  • At the Belgian Agility World Championship of 2011 the Hungarian team was 2nd, and Barka Bergerac de Hu was member of the team.
  • Our new members and the old ones are now from 2010
    Sirko Teréz with Silevr-Rony Bergerac de Hu and “Cherry”  Infinity Bergerac de Hu (Tervuerens)
    Lengyel Tímea with “Miel” Cuba-Libre Bergerac de Hu (Tervueren) and Bergerac Dorka (Groenendael)
    Vlajku Eszter with Pinchers
    Horváth Pálma with “Cleo” (the border collie) and Yana (border collie)
    The Czinoder family with a lot of dogs: 2 Schipperkes, 4 Pinchers, 1 Groenendael and 3 handlers
    Halász Ildikó with Jolie Bergerac de Hu (Schipperke), Barka Bergerac de Hu (Tervueren), “Easy” Ilcsi Bergerac de Hu (Tervueren) (and 2 more veterans, Lucky and April) Troly Bergerac de Hu (Schipperke male)
  • Hungarian Championship 2010:
    Mini team winner was Bergerac team: 2 Schipperkes and 2 Pinchers
    Maxi team 3rd place: Bergerac maxies: Barka, Roni and Miel (3 Tervuerens) and Cleo (Border Collie)
  • Individual Maxi Agility Champion of 2010 was Barka Bergerac de Hu with Halász Ildikó




Letters about the Positive Handling Video.

Hi Ildiko. 
I LOVE the videos ! !  Finally someone who shows me how to train Belgian Shepherds for agility.  The reason I bought your videos was because I have a female from Amper and Kathy (a full sister to Barka) ‘Kitty’ and do not know how to train her. I wanted to see how you trained Barka hoping it will help me.  I am sure your video will help me a lot.  What you describe about Barka and Amper is very much like Kitty.
Kitty is VERY HIGH drive (she growls at me not from anger but wanting to work) and toy driven but does not give the toy back.  As a youngster she was very easily distracted.  She wants to work so badly, she has problems concentrating on what I want from her. She is very affectionate and likes sitting on my husband’s lap. She is afraid of heights (like Amper) and is very afraid of the tunnels.  Yet, I know that if I knew how to train her she would be a fantastic agility dog.
Unfortunately, I am not a highly experienced handler like you but still very much a novice.  I work with my Tervueren male, Aldo (he is a Gourou son but has Falco v d Lamar behind him from his mother’s side). Aldo is very fast with lots of drive but he has an ‘off’ button which is wonderful.  He is very calm and very, very forgiving for a novice handler like me.  It is great for me to learn with him and make the mistakes I need to make to learn.  I will use your video and read your texts to help me train my younger Belgians including Kitty. I have 2 young pups who are by Aldo and Enya of the Homeport who is a full sister to Amigo.  The boy is very much like Aldo and has high toy drive.  The girl is very fast but has limited toy drive.  I like your toy on the long rope that you pulled along the ground.  I will try that with her. ….
Thank you so much for taking the trouble to make the videos – that has clearly been a lot of work.
Kind regards
Carla Spelt


Hi Ildiko,

I got the DVD and have already started going through it, I like it very much and it’s really great to see you working with the dogs.

I have discovered the agility world very late and am trying to learn the more I can.





Lengyel Timea and “Miel” Cuba-Libre Bergerac de Hu, Hungarian Champion of 2011, member of the FCI World Champion team of 2012.

Jolie Bergerac de Hu with Ildikó Halász was member of the Hungarian agility mini team at the World Championship in 2011, France. She made no mistakes.

Krisztina Kabai has moved to Germany, so left the team in 2010.

The Bergerac Agility Hungary has deleted Anna Eifert from our team in August 2010, as she was not behaving, according to us, as a Bergerac should. Agility is for fun, for handler and dog, and the most important is, that we should feel ourselves good at training and at the race. The results are only at the second place, and money is at the last place.

The New Beregrac Agility Hungary team in January 2007:

(from left) Krisztina Kabai with Tea and Chili, Péter Váradi with Bergerac Bijou, Ildikó Halász with Barka Beregrac de Hu, Tessa Beregrac de Hu, Jolie Beregrac de Hu (in the hand), Timea Lengyel with “Dorka” Beregrac Astoria and “Miel” Cuba Libre Beregrac de Hu, Tamás Krizsán , Eifer Anna with “Chester” Fax Bergerac de Hu and Nevian.


We are prepairing a DVD and a text about
our agility training, and my method of teaching my dogs. At the
moment I have kept 4 youngsters, Bergerac Arry (groenendael), Bergerac
Barka (tervueren), Bergerac Tessa and Solitaire. From the first
steps you could see their teaching, and also the result. They are
all very good. Nevian, the border collie was also trained with this
method. We hope to finish it in a few month time.


The agility team from left: Timi Lengyel,
Anna Eifert, Tamás Krizsán, Péter Váradi and Ildikó Halász

the dogs: B. Flört, B. Astoria, Nevian M., B. Fax, Amper O., B.
Lucky, B. Bijou, B. Tessa, and the other dogs, who are not on the


Our team of agility has a new member: Krisztina Kabai. (March 2007)
She is racing with Border Collie and Sheltie, but she started in
maxi category with a groenendael, Tangó, the son of my Quartz.He
is now 9 years old.

You can see the film of our trainings on the homepage of Eifert
and at the Videos.


I keep special agility seminars held in my
garden and at the Bergerac Agility dog school. If you are interested, please contact me.

Results: Bergerac Fax

20.04.2002. Hungarian Club Show (M. Descamps): Jung Club Winner – HPJ
14.09.2002. Kecskemét CACIB (Piotr Sliwka;PL): CAIB, BOB
12.10.2002. Budapest CACIB (Siegfried Peter;D): CACIB, BOB
13.10.2002. Budapest CACIB (Boris Spoljaric;CRO) (Kenneth Edh;S): CACIB, BOB, Res.BOG
17.11.2002. Belgium Club Show (Mme Van Deijl W): open class ex.2 nd.
07.12.2002. (Mrs. Ann Arch;GB), (M.Hans V.D.Bergh;NL): Champion of Champions, Res.Best Of Group
06.04.2003. Hungarian Club Show 2003 / M. Deschanse/: open R.CAC, selected for breading
17.05.2003. Czech Klub Show / Jesper Andersson SWE/: Klub winner, BOB, CAC
18.05.2003. Special Club Show /G.CHRISTENSEN/: CAC, BOB, Best in Show
01.06.2003. Dortmund World Dog Show 2003, / M. Deschumere/: World Winner, Open class,Cacib, Cac, VDH CH
23.08.2003. National Elevage de France-2003- La Chatre, Mme. Berton-Sarlat,: classe oppen, Ex.9.
03.10.2003. Eurodogshow- Bratislava ( Christensen Gert /DK/), ), Hungarian Show Champion, BOB, EUROCHAMPION, CACIB,CAC, Best Of Group III. ( Hans Widlishauser /D/
01.02.2004. Bp. CACIB: CACIB, BOB, BEST OF GROUP01.05.2004. Hungarian Club Show 2004, (judge:Amanda McLaren): Club Winnwr’04, CAC, BOB, Best In Show
08.05.2004. Budapest CACIB: BOB, CACIB, Res.BOG.
29.05.2004. German Club Show 2004-: CAC,BOB,Best In Show
5.06.2004. Checz Club Show ( Mme Varlet): CAC, BOB,
6.06.2004. Checz Spetial Show ( Hans Reinders): CAC
09.09.2004. Szentedre: CAC-BOB, Res.BOG
11.09.2004. Kecskemét CACIB: CACIB, BOB, BOG-III,
09.10.2004. 2004.10.09 Budapes /tPiotr Sliwka(Pl.)/: CACIB, CAC, BOB, Best Of Group
17.04.2005. Hungarian Club Show: (Mrs. Berton Sarlat): ex.1, CA
30.04.2005. CACIB SHOW Budapest: CAC, CACIB, BOB.
07.05.2005. Slovakian Club Show, judge: Gert Christensen (Dk): Sk. Clubwinner, BOB
15.05.2005. German Club Show: ex.4. (Mrs. Stern-Hanf)
21.05.2005. Holland Club Show: ex.3 (E. Desschans), passed the caracter test, and was Selected (p.e.)
03.06.2005. Europen Show 2005, Tulln: CAC, CACIB, BOB, EUROPEAN CHAMPION for second time.
27.08.2005. French National Commentry: (Heraly) ex.2. champion class
22.04.2006. Tata Cacib (j.: Gert Christensen): CAC, CACIB, BOB Res. Best of Group I. (j:Brigita Kremser)
06.05.2006. Hungarian Club Show, Mrs. Pauline Stern-Hanf (Belgium): champion class, res.CAC
07.05.2006. Special Dog Show, Judge Mrs. MacAndie: CAC, best male
13.05.2006. Club Show in Slovakia, judge: Mme. Varlet: CAC, Slovakian Klub Winner, BOB
10.06.2006. HELSINKI EUROPEAN CHAMPION SHOW 2006, judge: Ilona Onstenk-Schenk (Holland): CAC, Finnish Show Champion
09.11.2006. W.CH. Poznan, World Winner, BOB, CAC, CACIB. Polish Champion, judge: Hans Wiblishauser (D)
24.03.2007. Budapest, Hungarian Club Show 2007, AC, Champion class winner. judge Jesper Andersson (Sweden)

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