Results: Bergerac Fax

20.04.2002. Hungarian Club Show (M. Descamps): Jung Club Winner – HPJ
14.09.2002. Kecskemét CACIB (Piotr Sliwka;PL): CAIB, BOB
12.10.2002. Budapest CACIB (Siegfried Peter;D): CACIB, BOB
13.10.2002. Budapest CACIB (Boris Spoljaric;CRO) (Kenneth Edh;S): CACIB, BOB, Res.BOG
17.11.2002. Belgium Club Show (Mme Van Deijl W): open class ex.2 nd.
07.12.2002. (Mrs. Ann Arch;GB), (M.Hans V.D.Bergh;NL): Champion of Champions, Res.Best Of Group
06.04.2003. Hungarian Club Show 2003 / M. Deschanse/: open R.CAC, selected for breading
17.05.2003. Czech Klub Show / Jesper Andersson SWE/: Klub winner, BOB, CAC
18.05.2003. Special Club Show /G.CHRISTENSEN/: CAC, BOB, Best in Show
01.06.2003. Dortmund World Dog Show 2003, / M. Deschumere/: World Winner, Open class,Cacib, Cac, VDH CH
23.08.2003. National Elevage de France-2003- La Chatre, Mme. Berton-Sarlat,: classe oppen, Ex.9.
03.10.2003. Eurodogshow- Bratislava ( Christensen Gert /DK/), ), Hungarian Show Champion, BOB, EUROCHAMPION, CACIB,CAC, Best Of Group III. ( Hans Widlishauser /D/
01.02.2004. Bp. CACIB: CACIB, BOB, BEST OF GROUP01.05.2004. Hungarian Club Show 2004, (judge:Amanda McLaren): Club Winnwr’04, CAC, BOB, Best In Show
08.05.2004. Budapest CACIB: BOB, CACIB, Res.BOG.
29.05.2004. German Club Show 2004-: CAC,BOB,Best In Show
5.06.2004. Checz Club Show ( Mme Varlet): CAC, BOB,
6.06.2004. Checz Spetial Show ( Hans Reinders): CAC
09.09.2004. Szentedre: CAC-BOB, Res.BOG
11.09.2004. Kecskemét CACIB: CACIB, BOB, BOG-III,
09.10.2004. 2004.10.09 Budapes /tPiotr Sliwka(Pl.)/: CACIB, CAC, BOB, Best Of Group
17.04.2005. Hungarian Club Show: (Mrs. Berton Sarlat): ex.1, CA
30.04.2005. CACIB SHOW Budapest: CAC, CACIB, BOB.
07.05.2005. Slovakian Club Show, judge: Gert Christensen (Dk): Sk. Clubwinner, BOB
15.05.2005. German Club Show: ex.4. (Mrs. Stern-Hanf)
21.05.2005. Holland Club Show: ex.3 (E. Desschans), passed the caracter test, and was Selected (p.e.)
03.06.2005. Europen Show 2005, Tulln: CAC, CACIB, BOB, EUROPEAN CHAMPION for second time.
27.08.2005. French National Commentry: (Heraly) ex.2. champion class
22.04.2006. Tata Cacib (j.: Gert Christensen): CAC, CACIB, BOB Res. Best of Group I. (j:Brigita Kremser)
06.05.2006. Hungarian Club Show, Mrs. Pauline Stern-Hanf (Belgium): champion class, res.CAC
07.05.2006. Special Dog Show, Judge Mrs. MacAndie: CAC, best male
13.05.2006. Club Show in Slovakia, judge: Mme. Varlet: CAC, Slovakian Klub Winner, BOB
10.06.2006. HELSINKI EUROPEAN CHAMPION SHOW 2006, judge: Ilona Onstenk-Schenk (Holland): CAC, Finnish Show Champion
09.11.2006. W.CH. Poznan, World Winner, BOB, CAC, CACIB. Polish Champion, judge: Hans Wiblishauser (D)
24.03.2007. Budapest, Hungarian Club Show 2007, AC, Champion class winner. judge Jesper Andersson (Sweden)

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