Gyula, 2015.04.18-19

Gyula_agility_3_2015 Jumping_0_Gyula_2015 Jumping_1_Gyula_2015 Open_jumping_2015_Gyula Paragility_A_Gyula_2015

SASOK I- Bergerac Agility Hungary Cup 05.05.2014

08-09.11.2014 Czech Republic


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Agility race 13.09.2014 Szada

Jumping 3.

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Agility race: SASOK II. Cup, Pilisszentiván, 28.06.2014

Courses Agility Blues Parcours Agility Blues Parcours Agility Blues Parcours Agility Blues Parcours Agility Blues Parcours Agility Blues Parcours


Agility race: BERGERAC AGILITY HUNGARY (SASOK I. Cup) Pilisszentiván, 05.05.2014Agility Blues Parcours Agility Blues Parcours Agility Blues Parcours Agility Blues Parcours

Tordas 12.04.2014.

Agility Blues Parcours Agility Blues Parcours Agility Blues Parcours Agility Blues Parcours Agility Blues Parcours   Agility 3 clear run

Agility Blues Parcours

At 30.03.2013, Tárnok, Terreur-Masquée Jótékonysági Agility race (judge: Ildikó Halász ) the first place at Agility 3 level was Silver-Rony Bergerac de Hu with Teréz Sirkó Rony A3  (Miel, A3)   A1 run Rony A3

Curriculum Vitea

Curriculum Vitae


I have been working with dogs, since I was 6. I had a Hungarian Puli as a first dog, for 15 years. My next dog was a Cocker Spaniel (I had three of them, after all), had two Hungarian Vizslas, and in 1989, I had got my first Belgian Shepherd, a working Tervueren female. She established my breed line, and after all, mad me known by the other breeders. I was totally taken by this breed, so from then on, I always had a Tervueren. For the next 20 years I was breeding and working with Belgians a lot, and I had Groenendaels and once a Malionois, too. In 1997 I decided to get a Schipperke, after my small breed, the Spaniel, left me. This other Belgian breed also has stolen my heart, forever!


With my first dogs I have been working in dog-schools, the only thing, what was available then, the IPO. Even my poor Spaniel made a working exam. When I met agility, first time in Austria at a dog show, I knew immediately, that I want to do this. So, I made the first obstacles by my own hand, and started to train the others, as this was the only possibility to get room to practice in a dog school. The first place, where this started, was at the “Népszigeti Kutyaiskola” in Budapest, where  I have made the IPO exams with 7 of my Belgian Sheepdogs (Astoria, Luca, Faust, Amper, Bijou, Afra, Quartz). After teaching the others, I started to race quite early. My first agility dogs were: Astoria (Tevueren female) and Alex (my male Spaniel): one Mini and a Maxi. By that time, there were no Medium categories. In 1998, I have made my own agility garden, and started to train with the Bergerac Agility Hungary team. I am training only with limited students, and we are realy friends, who train together. We had a lot of success, but we spend great time together! Two of my old students are now living from agility. Time changes!


Since those pioneer times, lot of things has changed in agility. There were obstacles by that time, of what the new agility generation hasn’t even heard of! The breeds have also changed, but I still stick to my favorite Belgians. I have bred a lot of beautiful dogs, had a lot of show title (World Winners, European Winners, Best in Shows, etc.), but I am very proud, that all of them managed to get the highest degree at the agility exams. I have raced with 22 dogs, till now. I have been member of the Hungarian Agility Team at the world championships for 5 times, at the FCI, and nearly all the time at the Belgian Championship at the FMBB. I have achieved a lot of titles with my best dog, Bergerac Bijou, but had a lot of success also with the others. Bijou was 3rd at the EO in Luxemburg, and had many winning titles in team, too. She was 3 times at the World Championship, was 2nd in team at the FMBB at Székesfehérvár, and was 2 times Hungarian Champion. She knew, even before I could tell her, what I will want from her. Her grandchild, “Miel” Cuba-Libre Bergerac de Hu has also got the same abilities; luckily, her owner is quicker than I ever was. I am also proud of Barka, she also have been Hungarian Champion, but all my other dogs have made their best, and love to play agility with me, or with anybody else. I am also proud of my students, they try to make their best!


In 2011, we had the opportunity to learn to be a FCI agility judge. Now I hope that I can make courses with all my knowledge and experience, what I have collected all these years, with training and racing.  I have already got lots of friends all over the world, due to breeding and racing, I speak English, French and a little German, too. If there is a language, which I don’t speak,  the dogs would  still understand the signes, you give them, in the language of Agility, all over the world!


19-20.04.2014 Gyula, agility race for 180 pairs, and also for handicaped handlers. The carpet is slipery, so the courses are easier. Agility Blues Parcours Agility Blues Parcours Agility Blues Parcours Agility Blues Parcours Agility Blues Parcours Agility Blues Parcours


 12-13 Oktober 2013, Prague


Agility Blues Parcours Agility Blues Parcours Agility Blues Parcours Agility Blues Parcours Agility Blues Parcours Agility Blues Parcours

31.08.213 Csomád, Vereskupa

Agility Blues Parcours  Agility 3 with Rony

Agility Blues Parcours  easy agility

Agility Blues Parcours  Agility 1

Agility Blues Parcours


2013_08_31 2013_08_31_agility_kezdo



15.06.2013 IMCA Selection



09.06.2013 Bergerac Macleod Kup, Solymár




30.03.2013. Tárnok, Terreur-Masquée Jótékonysági agility verseny,  race for Belgian Shepherds




12.01.2013 Tordas Agility Race:

Beginner’s courses:




04.08.2012 Kisnémedi Agility Race:






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