The “Bergerac”, since 2003 the “Bergerac de Hu” kennel.

I have started to breed Belgian Sheepdogs in 1990, but I had dogs all my life. My first dog was a Puli, then came some hunting dogs, three Cocker Spaniel and some Magyar Vizsla. By the time we got married in 1980 with Gábor Váradi, both of us were still going to the university of architecture. My works are on a different homepage, you can see them on www.kolonad.hu .  It took me 8 years to get him used to living with dogs. I have finished the economy university, too, and after that bought a new dog again. Gábor has managed to get used to them, 25 years have passed, but still would never come to any kind of race or show with me. In the end, divorced in 2007. My son was different, he have never missed a good agility race, but he was not interested in dog shows. To tell the truth, working with dogs is always more fun, even for me. When we moved to a house of ours, we slowly collected 6 dogs. So, we moved to a bigger garden outside of Budapest, and here we have planty of place for the garden and the houses! I have my own place, where I can freely work with my dogs around me, and my friends can be in an other place, and they are not forced to be in contact with all of my pets. We have a guest room, too, because there is always someone, who stayes here for some time, coming with dogs.

That is how our house looks like from outside, and the dogs are not seen from the street.

After having my first Tervueren, I realized, that I would never want any other breed. So I bought my first Groenendael, this time for breeding, not only as a pet. In 1998, I decided to have a small dog living in the house, after my Cokker Spaniel has died, I decided to bring the first Schipperke in Hungary. It was love at first sight! I am happy, that now we have already about 7 Schipperkes at an agility race! My son, Váradi Péter was sleeping with three of them, so we made a tunnel from the garden to his bedroom, so they can run freely in and out. They are better then an alarm system!

Our dogs love to sleep in bed, even if it is outside, on their own terrace.

I have started training dogs very early, I had my first exam with my dog at age 14. When I have seen the first agility race at a dog show in Austria, I decided to make it myself, too. It was not easy, because by that time nobody made it in Hungary, so we have made the obsticles by our own hands, and tried to find out, how to do it. My first Tevueren, Astoria was there at the first agility race in Hungary, and since then, I am there nearly at every race. My son is as old, as the agility in Hungary (1991). He has grow up with the dogs and the agility. I stoped training in dogs school, when I had no more free time for others, and made my own club in 2000, where only me, my son, and some of my dogs are training. We call it “Bergerac Agility Hungary”. We race all over Europe, and we love to win, but that is not the most important part, we have fun, humans and dogs, too.

Only the males use the houses, when it is cold, but a female would never enter it! 

I had many litters during these years, not all the females were living with us. Many of my friends allowed me to take the dogs to shows, and let me bring them to me, to have one litter. Many of my dogs had only one litter, and then we steped to a new generation. I would never push the owners to come to shows or to breed, if they don’t want to. The most important is, that they are happy with each other.
In breeding, I always wanted to have nice and healthy dogs, but I never used a dog with bad temperament. So, I am not really show or working dog breeder, but somewhere in-between. I have passed IPO working exam with 7 of my dogs, and all of them were good agility racers. I feel myself lucky, to had the opportunity to live with so wonderful dogs, and I hope, the new generations will be better then the parents. It is not easy!

Tha garden for puppies is open for the grown ups, when we have no puppies (photos made in 2000).

This is the agility playing field for the dogs, at the back of the garden. We work and play here every day, and the Bergerac Cup is organized here every year.

The garden, where the dogs are not suposed to be, it is for humans.

Our “big” house with the lake and the fishes, and the gate to the agility field at the back. Some of my dogs love to go and have a swim after agility.


The garden, and the entrance to the houses.


 In the end, my husband had left me after 27 years of marriage. Because of this, I had to sell my new, wonderful dogs, I hope, they were be as happy at their new homes, as they were here. This was not easy, but if I have to work at a full time job, it would have been hard for them. They were used to training every day, so this was the right solution, I hope. ma son is working now in an other country, so all my dogs have to train with me, now. 

My boyfriend likes my dogs more, but I still have less time for my 6 dogs, then before. I like to do agility now more, then shows and breeding. As all of my dogs are very talented, and my friends, who train with me, count on my advice, I can have less litter, not to miss the agility races. I have sterilized most of my dogs, too. I have finished my DVD about agility training, showing the method I used on Barka, and the other dogs. (It can be ordered from me by post.) So, I am happy again, and that is very important to have good results in dog sports!

SAM_2318 I am now living in this smaller, blue house, protected by Schipperkes.


The agility school in Pilisszentiván, Bergerac Agility Hungary.


I have a new training field in Pilisszentiván, near my house, where my friends can train with me. I have made the exam to be an agility judge, but racing is still mutch more fun! I think, I will do this, till I am alive, but time passes, so I don’t want to go to world championships any more as a racer. This is a game for the young generation. Now the students must win!

The GPS position of the dog school in Pilisszentiván:  É 47°35’58.77″  K18°54’23.41″

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